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Office 2019 - Why It Still Holds Up Today


When Microsoft’s latest perpetual license office suite, Office 2021, was released in October 2021, many individuals and businesses opted for the upgrade, and Microsoft also encouraged people to make the switch. One might wonder whether the old Office versions are now irrelevant, but we disagree.

Why Office 2019

If you are debating switching to Office 2021 from Office 2019, the upgrade may not be as advantageous as you expect it to be, and you may be incurring additional costs that you can otherwise save by buying used software products.

Continue reading to learn why we believe Office 2019 still holds up in the presence of what others deem to be newer and better versions.

Difference between Office 2019 and Office 2021

When we consider the applications offered in Office 2019 and 2021, both offer MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Skype for Business if we consider the professional version. The only difference is that Office 2021 offers OneNote and MS Teams in addition to the apps mentioned earlier.

Only a handful of new features have been added if we consider the apps. Unless there is a specific requirement, there may be little application for your application or individual use.

Both versions offer the same language support and same file formats. Additionally, both versions are compatible with the same operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11 and Mac OS. If you decide to stick with Office 2019, you won’t be facing any overwhelming changes due to an upgrade and leverage its multiple features.

So, unless your business requires MS Teams, you can continue with Office 2019 easily. Even if your business requires MS Teams, instead of getting Office 2021, you can opt for a hybrid package of Office 2019 and MS 365 Business basic. This way, you can leverage the features of MS 365, including MS Teams, custom email domains, and cloud storage, among others.

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Office 2019 - Why It Still Holds Up Today

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